“In the bush, knee-deep in snow, laying tobacco down and offering prayers of thank fulness for the life of my mother, I became aware of silence. It was full and rich and tangible: I could almost reach out and touch it. I smiled then. Smiled because it becomes so simple when you surrender grief to the ongoing act of living, to being to becoming. You become aware of the silences that exist between words, betweeen actions, choices, results, changes. That’s where you grow – in those silences. All that you feel is all that you are, and all that you know is all that you know, and you emerge from that silence ready to live out loud again: sore and blue and jublilant, outrageous and raucous and clamouring for more. The sound of slilence. The sound of self emerging.”

Richard Wagamese



University of British Columbia Learning Circles
Rituals as Emotional Playgrounds October 2019, Raising Resilient Children – September & October 2018, Transforming the Legacy of Residential Schools – February 2017, Cultivating Lateral Kindness – March and September 2016, Mindfulness: Tools for Restoring Balance – April 2016, The ABC’s of Growing Up – May 2016

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