“Aboriginal educators have embarked on a transformative journey, but this time it is not assimilative; it is a therapeutic education process of healing of the relationships within and among communities and drawing out the positive and enriched aspects of their lives and their teachings.”

Marie Battiste

Customized Program Development

Engaging learners in a way that opens up both their hearts and minds. 

Today’s ever-changing world presents unique challenges that require new and innovative ways of being, knowing and seeing. Social, environmental and economic environments are challenging leaders and those in services to take an integrated approach to finding sustainable solutions. Training programs, in order to be effective, must engage learners in a way that opens up both their hearts and minds. 

Denise specializes in developing culturally sensitive curriculum and instruction designed to meet the unique needs of indigenous learners. Denise has a strong background as an educator along with many years in the field working with families, communities, and organizations and will work with you to develop a customized program rooted in Indigenous and Contemplative practices and informed by the latest in developmental science. Denise’s thoughtful, thorough and collaborative approach will lead to the development of unique program that truly meets the needs of your audience.

Denise will walk along side you to…

  • Design and undertake a seeds assessment to identify program objectives;
  • Design curriculum that effectively supports integration of learning;
  • Utilize of a range of theories and approaches that connects program objectives, delivery of instruction, and the assessment and evaluation of learning;
  • Apply of a variety of instructional technique to deliver curriculum effectively to diverse groups of adult learners;
  • Utilize creative techniques and frameworks that motivate and engage learners;
  • Create and use innovative forms of media to support transfer of learning;
  • Develop evaluation and instruction tools that provide critical feedback for the ongoing development of programs;
  • Create learning activities that are interactive and hands-on for different delivery modes – both online and in the classroom;
  • Create a safe, encouraging and challenging learning environment that promotes respect and values diversity.

About Denise Findlay


Denise is accredited by the Province of British Columbia as a post-secondary educator and qualified to develop programs for post-secondary institutions. Most importantly Denise knows how to develop programs that meet the needs of Indigenous learners and speak to the challenges those who work in Indigenous community face on a day to day basis. 

Her approach is trauma-informed and leads to healing indirectly.

Gathering Our Medicine

What is Gathering Our Medicine?

The Gathering Our Medicine Program for caregivers of Indigenous Youth has been developed in response to the unique and often complex needs of our young people (Canada, 2012) (Darcy, 2020) (Development, 2020) (Framework, 2019) (Battiste, 2013) who have been impacted by colonization and intergenerational trauma.

This program is intended to lead the way as a model of truly Indigenous caregiver education that is a balanced integration of Indigenous and Western ways of knowing and being.

A Collaborative Program


Gathering Our Medicine is an ongoing collaborative effort, led by Denise Findlay, that includes engagement with Indigenous communities and the Gathering Our Medicine Working and Advisory Groups. 

Program development has been done mindfully and with reference to the Truth and Reconciliation Commission Calls to Action, The Aboriginal Policy and Practice Framework in British Columbia, the United Nations Declaration on the Rights of Indigenous People, The Ministry of Child and Family Development’s Core Policy on Working With Indigenous Children, Youth, Families and Communities and the Maples Adolescent Treatment Centre’s Operational and Strategic Directional Plan 2017-2020.

Denise provides customized training for…

leaders, social workers, educators, health care professionals, administrators, mental health workers, child and youth workers, parents and caregivers on the following topics…

Lateral Violence / Kindness
Train the Trainer Programs
Indigenous Healing
Leadership Development
Team Building
Parenting & Caregiving

Personal & Professional Development
Intergenerational Trauma
Interpersonal Relationships & Communication
Conflict Resolution
Navigating Change

Transformational Learning
The Art & Science of Transplanting Children
The Attachment Puzzle

Get in touch to discuss your needs… 

Create something specific, inspirational, and transformative just for your group. Email: denise@kweykway.ca