Frequently Asked Questions

Denise is gifted at facilitating community processes—including personal and community empowerment, development and wellness. She is an expert in resilience, intergenerational trauma, child development, and expert on Indigenous pedagogy. 

Denise works closely with:

  • Adults working with children
  • Indigenous Groups and Organizations, including First Nations Health, Child and Family Services, Leadership, and Community
  • Corporate Leaders and Teams

Dr. Gordon Neufeld’s life work has been to create a comprehensive evidence-based model for the unfolding of human potential. He founded an Attachment-Based Developmental Approach (The Neufeld Approach) for adults responsible for children – parents, educators and helping professionals. He developed a theory of attachment that includes six stages in the development of the capacity for relationship, the construct of polarization that explains both shyness and defensive detachment. 

The Neufeld Institute provides education and training for parents and professionals through personalized study programs, as well as through presentations, seminars and courses, including video courses. Dr. Neufeld’s approach has clear and practical implications for practice and treatment. 

Denise has the privilege of holding a Faculty position with The Neufeld Institute, specializing in Development, Attachment Psychology, Trauma and Resilience. 

Denise specializes in facilitating meetings, from smaller groups to 100 people or more. 

She is able to create and maintain an atmosphere that encourages groups to transcend the usual cycle of conflict and unproductive behaviours, while holding the main agenda for the organization or community in tact. Her approach creates safety and trust, which naturally encourages a greater level of willingness and participation, and ultimately leads to increased understanding, communication and effectiveness.


Denise provides one-on-one coaching, and is dedicated to supporting clients to increase their personal fulfillment and professional effectiveness. Coaching and mentoring offers clients the time and space to manifest the results they desire, and is an integrated combination of exploration and theory.

Clients who engage in a coaching relationship can expect to experience fresh perspectives on challenges and opportunities, enhanced thinking and decision-making skills, enhanced interpersonal effectiveness, and increased confidence in carrying out their chosen work and life roles. Consistent with a commitment to enhancing their personal effectiveness, they can also expect to see appreciable results in the areas of productivity, personal satisfaction with life and work, and the achievement of relevant goals.

She is able to create and maintain an atmosphere that encourages groups to transcend the usual cycle of conflict and unproductive behaviors, while holding the main agenda for the organization or community in tact. Her approach creates safety and trust, which naturally encourages a greater level of willingness and participation, and ultimately leads to increased understanding, communication and effectiveness.

The Aboriginal Healing Foundation defines lateral violence as follows:

“Residential schools have been suggested as the primary cause of a cluster of behaviours known as lateral violence thought to be prevalent within Aboriginal communities. Lateral violence can occur within oppressed societies and include bullying, gossiping, feuding, shaming, and blaming other members of one’s own social group as well as having a lack of trust toward other group members.” (Bombay, 2014)

As an initial step, Denise invites you to engage in a phone conversation with her in order to determine whether or not this program is suited to your needs. This first point of contact should help to develop a rapport with you, and to discuss the readiness of your organization or community to engage in a process to decrease incidents of aggression and violence.

Depending on the complexity of issues, Denise may recommend anything from 1 to 3 day workshop, or a more in depth process the combines a series of group sessions and individual mentor coaching.

Denise offers consulting services to individuals and teams in leadership roles of organizations who are looking for strategies to improve their leadership effectiveness. Discussion topics include:

  • Influencing Change
  • Communicating Effectively
  • Giving and Receiving Feedback
  • Creating Alignment and Increasing Collaboration
  • Understanding Power Dynamics
  • Improving Productivity and Effectiveness
  • Increasing Positivity
  • Working with Conflict
  • Employee and Community Engagement

The Parenting Program is designed for parents and those working with kids who are looking for a way to support children through the process of growing up. 

The Parenting presentation is rooted in Dr. Gordon Neufeld’s Developmental Attachment Theory, and provides parents and caregiver’s insight into children and the conditions that help them thrive. Denise answers the questions:

  • How do we reclaim our rightful place in the lives of our children?
  • How do we become the answer to our children’s emotional needs?
  • How do we stay connected to our children, even when physically apart, so they feel shielded and able to thrive?

Denise brings over 15 years experience working in the area of human development. She has the unique ability to connect with participants and create a feeling of safety. From there, the learning happens spontaneously.

Denise is a bi-cultural person of Indigenous and European ancestry, proudly belonging to the Squamish Nation. She is grounded in Indigenous ways, has a keen understanding of Indigenous knowledge—and understands the trauma and trauma-related challenges impacting Indigenous populations across North America. She has dedicated the last 16 years travelling throughout BC and across Canada supporting Indigenous people with social healing with a strong focus on parenting and caregiving.

Being of Indigenous heritage and working at a grassroots level with people most impacted by intergenerational trauma, Denise has adapted her approach to honour and prioritize Indigenous ways of knowing and being that draw on the inherent, often unconscious, wisdom of Indigenous Peoples. This has led to the discovery and application of an intuitive voice and language of the heart (in ritual and ceremony) that have the power to communicate across typical barriers such as race, gender, sexuality, class, and religion. 

To be able to reach into the heart of matters that are humanly universal underscores all that she aims to do in every aspect of her work. Denise has spent countless hours facilitating group processes in response to social issues, including workplace harassment, racism, child protection, suicide, addiction, and domestic violence.

The success of those in governance and leadership roles is directly impacted by the capacity to work together effectively to get things done. Denise specializes in team building, team interventions, and conflict resolution. Her approach creates cultural safety and understanding amongst those with contrasting worldviews.

Team Building – whether you are looking for culturally sensitive approaches to increase positivity, creativity and problem solving, or are in need of an intervention for a team that is in crisis, she offers effective solutions.

Conflict Resolution – to build capacity to handle conflict more effectively, Denise draws upon conflict resolution, alignment coaching, process and positive psychology and systems coaching, while minimizing the negative effects on the team or relationship. A gentle approach creates alignment among those who are experiencing conflict.

Oral tradition is information, memories and knowledge held in common by a group of people, over many generations—where knowledge, art, ideas and cultural material is received, preserved and transmitted orally from one generation to another.

With both Indigenous and European ancestry, Denise is able to translate communication systems between both cultures, remove barriers and misunderstandings, and create a place of safety to bring healing and progress. She is uniquely able to capture people’s attention, reaching into their hearts, transcending cultural, class, educational, and gender barriers.