What Clients Have to Say…

"As a nurse educator I am always searching for insight and enhancement of relationships and ways of being with clients and self and others. Denise has a unique gift and passion for exploring self and communication as it relates to everything around us. I use her teachings daily and always look forward to more of her dynamic workshops and wisdom! thank you Denise!"
Shawna Buchholz​
Clinical Nurse Educator, First Nations Health Authority​
"Denise is one of the most perceptive facilitators I have ever worked with. She has a clear balance of heart and mind, and I have seen her make a profound difference for the people she works with."
Aaron Nelson-Moody
Coast Salish Artist, Instructor Langara Reconciliation Carving Program
“The work of Denise Findlay is inclusive of understanding Indigenous knowledge’s which center my own practice as a facilitator of social justice. Being grounded in Indigenous ways is necessary for understanding the trauma and trauma related challenges impacting Indigenous Aboriginal populations across North America. Denise is a superb teacher and team project leader capable of helping in visioning a design and delivery of a product to raise individual, family, and community consciousness leading to what I call “heart centered” results and conclusions. Denise has a lived experience of “indigenous world hurts’ along with appropriate responses to tragedy and challenges that have touched her at both ends of a bi-cultural world. Engaging with her experience, collaborative consultation, and knowledge will surely move you, your family, and your community towards where you want to be.”
Dr. Stephen W. Kozey, B.A., M.S.W., M.A., M.Ed., Ed.D., R.S.W.
Social Justice Facilitator and Educator
“It is an honour working with Denise. The UBC Learning circle is better for her contributions. The knowledge she shares, and her generous intuitive spirit, has helped me personally, and supported individuals and communities in ways that move us forward.”
Leah Walker
Associate Director, Centre for Excellence in Indigenous Health
“It was an absolute pleasure to meet you yesterday evening! I know the information you provided to our parents was invaluable. You provided great information in a professional manner whilst making us feel 'human' as parents. Also, you made the 'unthinkable' when dealing with children's emotions and feelings quite simplistic. I, too, as a parent, am very much in the 'work' mode and find the 'rest' a challenge. I think we can all self-reflect on ways to make our relationships with ourselves and our children more meaningful when we take a breath to change our perspective.”
Amanda Da Silva
CEO, The Westside Preparatory Society
“Denise has a unique combination of compassion, intellect, and tenacity that makes her a force for change in the communities she is part of. She has immersed herself in Gordon Neufeld’s relational and developmental approach, teasing apart complex issues like vulnerability, maturation, and attachment. Denise acts with courage, integrity, and a steadfast advocate for kids who need it most.”
Dr. Deborah MacNamara
Faculty, Neufeld Institute; Director, Kid’s Best Bet, Counselling and Family Resource Center