‘Moving Together in the Ways of the People’ – Centre for Educational Excellence, SFU

Denise Findlay and others share their perspective about a program organized with Simon Fraser University, called ‘Moving Together in the Ways of the People‘ that has brought together staff, grad students, and indigenous perspectives into a unique blend of healing and relationship building.

Listen as individuals talk about ways to ‘decolonize the classroom, the institution’ so that people can find understanding, build relationship, and find ways to make room for diversity, different ways of thinking, and remind one another that we are a collective human experience, all sharing the need for relationship — and that weaving in Indigenous ways of relationship into Western ways of thinking and doing, can be a ‘found’ or ‘rediscovered’ skill.

“It’s important to take up a relationship with the land, and learn how to walk and live on the land in a healthy way, using culture and ceremony to heal and transform us,” says one participant. Hear more:

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