Healing in Times of Crisis

Crises can trigger overwhelm and anxiety in both adults and our kids. What is the key to healing from unsettling events in our country, our region, or our personal lives? When we understand how to find our own way through in the wake of crises, we can then take our children by the hand and walk them through the many challenges they face in uncertain times.

This Conversations with Neufeld Aotearoa event is hosted by Adrienne Wood and Ruth Lawson-McConnell. We will watch and discuss a presentation by Neufeld Institute Faculty, Denise Findlay and Marla Kolomaya. In it, they share the beauty of their indigenous heritage to preserve balance, harmony and relationship in times of crisis. In this poignant presentation, they combine the wisdom of their Squamish Nation roots with the insight of their training with Dr Neufeld:

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