FNAESC Conference 2021:Connection, Culture and The Learning Spirit

Listen to Denise Findlay’s keynote presentation held May 26 during the First Nations Adult Education School Council (FNAESC) 2021 ConferenceIn this session, Denise speaks about healing, growth and whole person development, and how the answer is always connection, and more connection to build resilience in our young people. 

She emphasizes that our brains have amazing potential to grow and change—with roughly the same number of neutrons as stars in the Milky Way! So she questions, how do we tap into our brain’s potential? 

And, when we think of learning as Indigenous peoples, how do we perceive learning? As a cognitive activity? Based on our oral histories? Nature cycles and connection to all life in nature? Learning with all of our senses? 

There are many ways and all are relevant… so how do we facilitate whole person development, with the result being a wholely integrated person?


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