The Visitor

Every year I am greeted by one red breasted robin appearing in my back yard. Usually as the seasons begin to change from winter to spring. A powerful time of transformation according to my teachings. Each time I am stilled by the robin’s presence. This morning while sipping my coffee and humming away busily in my kitchen preparing a ritualistic Saturday morning breakfast consisting of pancakes and fruit I spotted the robin. I stopped in my tracks. An unusual occurrence for me being the mother of two energetic little boys. I became fully present and was in awe as I watched the Robin forage around in our backyard. At times the little bird seemed to move toward me, tilting it’s head in recognition of my presence. For me this visitor symbolizes many things. The arrival of spring, the presence of great spirit and a restoration of faith in the mystery of the universe. I aimagesm brought back over and over again to this state of stillness, without fail, thanks to this little visitor. I can count on the robin bringing it’s message to me each year and each year I am a little older, a bit wiser and more sentimental than before. It is also at this time that I am reminded of my maternal grandmother who raised me and who passed away in 1990. In the wee hours of the morning after her death a Robin was trapped in our house, flapping around and trying to escape. We were all awoken from our sleep and, momentarily, our state of grief by the noise. After scrambling to open a window in order to release the bird to freedom we realized that there was no logical way that the bird could have gotten in the house. It was early March, temperatures where still low and all the windows and doors had been shut all day and night. To this day we believe that this was my grandmother’s spirit leaving. Her way of saying good bye and letting us know that she was safe. What an incredible gift. So when I see that little robin each spring I am reminded that all is well and the world is unfolding exactly as it should. With this awareness comes a sort of gentle acceptance, integration and letting go of the past year’s lessons. As I allow myself to be transformed, yet again, by the change of seasons I thank the robin for reminding me of lessons forgotten and for reunifying me with the great spirit.

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