Denise Findlay: Relationships are Medicine


A Restorative Approach to Family and Community Wellness

programs & services:

Denise Findlay will work with you to develop and deliver programs that:

  • respectfully integrate Indigenous and Western knowledge
  • sensitively address core issues resulting from intergenerational trauma
  • indirectly increase awareness and provide insight into human nature
  • restore families and communities to the natural wisdom that exists inside and around them
  • illuminate new pathways forward that are most natural for the family and community
  • empower families and communities with confidence, and
  • encourage the restoration and prioritization of Indigenous place-based healing rituals and rites of passage based on universal principals of healing

Denise Findlay consults, speaks on, coaches, and customizes programs in the following areas:

  • Lateral Violence and Kindness
  • Child and Youth Development with a focus on trauma and resilience
  • Indigenous Healing Rituals for Family, Community & Organizational Wellness
  • Dr. Gordon Neufeld’s course offerings including – Parenting, Aggression, Transplanted Children, The Attachment Puzzle, Resilience, Digital World, Bullies, Emotions, and more
  • Organizational and Employee Wellness – conflict resolution, team building, coaching and facilitation
  • Transformative processes for community, teams, and families

"Now that the whirlwind of the RCCS Summit has passed and I have some breathing room, I am writing with such a full heart and huge appreciation to each of you for spending the morning of the opening session with us. Thanks to you the Summit began in such a good way and my sincere hope is that the wisdom and perspectives you shared really sunk in and provided the foundation for deep reflection and open hearts and minds within the attendees for all the other sessions they attended last week.

Everything you shared about togetherness, connection, and relationality resonates so deeply and really reaffirms what our Indigenous Mental Health and Substance Use team has been working towards since we created this program last February. The way you wove together the different concepts you introduced, while making the whole session feel like a conversation among friends, was like magic:)

Your keynote presentation was thought-provoking, inspiring, and I hope will aid many of us in identifying our ‘Colonial Blindspots’, so I hold my hands up in gratitude to you all for providing us these profound gifts. Thank you, thank you, thank you!"

Shannon Laflamme, BA, MScPH
Manager, Indigenous Health | Mental Health & Substance Use, Fraser Health

Denise Findlay's Services are Designed for...


Indigenous Groups and Organizations

Including First Nations Health, Child and Family Services, Leadership, and Community providing Facilitation, Lateral Violence Training, Program Development, and Train the Trainer Programs

Adults Working with Children

Coaching, Consulting, Presentations and Training Courses to parents, educators, childcare providers, and other helping professionals

Leaders and Teams

Corporate Leaders and Teams

Providing Reconciliation Presentations, Cultural Competency Training, and Team Building, Coaching, Empowerment & Development, and Visioning Workshops



Providing Neufeld Institute Courses, Professional Development, Contemplative Education Practices, Reconciliation and Cultural Competency Workshops

"Denise is one of the most perceptive facilitators I have ever worked with. She has a clear balance of heart and mind, and I have seen her make a profound difference for the people she works with."
Aaron Nelson-Moody
Coast Salish Artist Instructor, Langara Reconciliation Carving Program
UBC Learning Circle
neufeld institute